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Email Setup for Xtra Customers

Unfortunately, Xtra is a lot stricter with their SMTP (emailing) settings and as an Xtra customer, it's important to be aware of the following points before configuring the Email Setup:-

  • Security is Not Optional — Xtra are very strict with their email protocol and always require security to be enabled (refer to screen examples below)
  • Use Your Primary Xtra Email Address — Your primary Xtra email address should always work, but secondary ones can be problematic
  • Have Your Xtra Password Ready — If you're unsure what your password is for your primary @xtra email address, you will need to talk to Xtra or you can reset your password here
  • Non-Xtra Email Addresses Are Problematic — If you want to send email from a non-Xtra email address (e.g. then you must first verify your email address with Xtra. This method is still known to be problematic
  • You Must Have an Xtra Internet Connection — If you're using an @xtra email address but you're connected to a different ISP (Internet provider), then you will almost definitely encounter problems trying to send emails. If this applies to you, you must talk to Xtra for help with this type of configuration
  • If You're Stuck — We're not equiped to troubleshoot problems you have with Xtra. If you're stuck, you'll need to talk to Xtra. To direct an Xtra tech support person to this screen, get them to go to: > FAQ > "What settings should I use in the Email Setup screen" > Xtra

Email Setup

Before going any further, please make sure you've installed the latest update for either Version 5 or Version 6.

You can find the "Email Setup" screen by going back through the "Setup Wizard" or by clicking on the "Invoicing" menu (at the very top of the screen). When you enter an "" email address into the "Return Email Address" box, Cashbook automatically fills in all the other required fields for you. The only thing it can't do for you is enter your "Password". These are the settings you'll need to enter:-

  • Return Email Address:
  • Copy Sent Emails To: Optional. Enter your own email address to receive a copy of any outgoing emails
  • SMTP Server:

Next, click the "Advanced" button and make sure you've entered settings for each of the following:-

  • Username: your Xtra username. This is the part of your email address before the @ symbol
  • Password: your Xtra password
  • Security: SSL
  • Port: 465

IMPORTANT: If you get stuck with this, you must talk to Xtra (not Acclaim Software), because we cannot help with recovering passwords or unusual configurations.

Email Setup Example

This example shows how the "Email Setup" screen would look for an Xtra user with the email address "":-

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Watch a video tutorial on Email Setup.