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Invoicing Features

  Feature Description
Tick image Custom Letterhead Easily customise your letterhead to suit your business (ie. insert your company logo or disable the letterhead altogether to use your own pre-printed letterhead stationery).
Tick image Send Invoices by Email Simply click the "Email" button to quickly email your invoice to a client.
Tick image Partial Payments Enter partial payments directly into the "Payments" section on the invoice.
Tick image Credit Notes Easily issue Credit Notes to customers. If items have been invoiced from Products & Services, the stock levels will be automatically adjusted.
Tick image Invoicing Reports Keep track of your invoicing with Invoices Outstanding reports and Aged Balance reports.
Tick image Statements Print or email statements to customers with ease.
Tick image Create Invoices from Timesheets Effortlessly create a new invoice based on the time you've spent on a project.
Tick image Create Invoices from Quotes Simply create an invoice based on a quote you've already generated.
Tick image Products & Services Lookup a product or service to add to the invoice.
Tick image Sales Graph Generate a sales graph based on your monthly sales.
Tick image Invoice Linked to Cashbook Payments entered onto the invoice can be linked back to the Cashbook.
Tick image Invoice Linked to Projects Easily link an invoice payment to a project and track project costs.
Tick image Invoice Linked to Contacts Allocate invoices against contacts.
Invoicing Screen

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